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Video: Financial climate and the bank system

Monday, 30 July 2012 23:28 | Monday, 30 July 2012 23:28 | Hits: 4270 |

Fairy tale about Vanya, Bankers, Nasty "snake" -intrest rate and financial climate in the economy.

Poem is made by collective of autors from many countries:

Our land is rich and wealthy
With hard-working folk around
Our forefathers we honor
But no progress is to be found

Vanya seeks the common good
And is very skilled in business,
Wants his people to live well
So a factory he's building

Vanya needs about ten years
To construct his plant, all right
And the banker, fat and pompous
Says: "I give you a green light"

For the period of ten years
I shall lend the funds, okay
But 15 percent of interest
Every year you must have to pay

Vanya thought about this deeply
Analyzed the plan with care
When shall we see any profit?
TheSummer of the eleventh year

We'll invest the whole one million
Every year, without delay
And there is inflation (blast it!)
Which will also have its way

Interest loan is a burden
That like yeast in dough expands
Every year major changes
Must be made to business plans

Fifteen is the rate of interest
Seven -- the inflation rate
Thirty-seven million rubles
Shall await their payback date

With inflation being zero
And an interest-free loan
Vanya's factory would cost him
The ten million alone

Thirty-seven million rubles -
An insane amount due!
And the interest on credit
Still continues to accrue

Vanya's plant starts giving income
Only after ten long years
Debt repayment will take ages
For poor Vanya ... but who cares? 

Loan will be redeemed with profit
So who knows, when Vanya might
At the end of credit tunnel
See the blessed repayment light?

Can we not calculate the figures?
Are our business experts blind?
Or is there a different reason
Perhaps, A conspiracy behind?

How can we resolve this matter?
Easily. Just wait and see!
To the nation's real sector
Loans must be provided for free.

The Bank, which offered its assistance
Shall co-own the enterprise
And the analysts who work there
Must give up-to-date advice.

Banks are scared of going bankrupt
Since too risky it may seem?
The State, by standing bond for bankers
Does win the people's deep esteem.

And those half-wit greedy bankers
Who bite more than they can chew
We will reprimand in public
And to prison send a few. 

Tale of sense and tale of truth!
Food for thought to honest youth.
One can always find a way
But dangerous to all delay

Our strong arms can do a lot -
Slay this dragon on the spot!
Or go find a beggar's bowl
While you "modernize" it all...

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