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Seliger 2013 roundtable Alternative principles of globalization

Wednesday, 31 July 2013 09:21 | Wednesday, 31 July 2013 17:38 | Hits: 6813 |

Participants of International Non-Profit Youth organisation “New Youth Policy” have this year taken part in the third shift of “Civil Forum”of the International Youth Forum “Seliger 2013” in the “Working Youth” part, not only as participants, but also as educators. This part gathers the most serious people - working teams of the real economy sector.

The first roundtable of the topic of “Alternative principles of globalization. When will we see a Russian globalization version” has been held on 25th of July 2013..

First of all, the educators from the “New Youth Policy” have done several presentations, after which a public discussion has taken place.

Alexey Severikov from Gatchina, Leningrad region, told about the current situation in the world. Particularly about the Snowden situation, appearance of whom in Sheremetyevo airport, Moscow, could become an ultimatum to Russia in itself. It brings two choices: to finally join the Western civilization, accepting current principles of globalization and its values, or to suggest your own version of globalization to the world. It is decision time.

A similar decision time will come for many of EU countries as soon as Russia will declare its final word on the matter. In our opinion, many countries would actively support Eurasian integration, particularly the key partners of Russian Federation in EU - Germany and Finland. These countries are tied with Russia by close civilizational , economical and simply friendly relations. Finland has already taken active steps - introduced ruble (the Russian currency) into trading in the southern region of Finland and is very interested in new ideas from Russia, which helps economical integrations between the two countries.

Vladimir Kuzmenko from Saint Petersburg and Anna Kalinichenko from Tiraspol (Transnistria) have told about problems with family institute in Europe and what is necessary for the normal development of a family. Vladimir mentioned particularly, that crisis trends connected to this social institute are increasing in Europe.

Speaking about the problem of defining what a “family” is, Kuzmenko noted that a couple really becomes a family, only when the first baby is born. In the Western law practice, an individual is taken as the social unit. Vladimir has also expressed, that the social unit should be equated to a family, as a seed, from which future of society emerges. This, of course, does not affect personal rights, but will expand family rights.

Anna Kalinichenko has told, that for the normal family development, its natural needs necessarily have to be satisfied and needs, satisfaction of which lead to degradation and degeneration of individuals and society as well, have to be levelled down. Kalinichenko have presented a scheme of need priorities, where needs of societal value come in the first place, such as increase of possibilities of formal and self-education. Without sufficient education satisfaction of any of needs shown lower on the priority scheme is impossible. It is impossible to correctly choose food, to produce clothing, to build housing, to form social service infrastructure without necessary knowledge.


Таблица естественных или демографически обусловленных потребностей

Kuzmenko has added, that a family will not be able to normally develop without sufficient infrastructure. It is necessary to move from the conception of megapolis enlargement to their resettlement and utilizing country’s territory based on the landscape-estate urbanization. This involves creation of settlements, where the following will be implemented: a full cycle education system, industrial complex, that will ensure year round employment for population, social service complex of high standards and, mainly, large enough pieces of land and ergonomical organisation of the settlement territory according to biospherically-ecological policy of natural wealth restoration.

Dmitry Perlyn from Kiev, the representative of “New Youth Policy” in Ukraine and organisation “Ukrainian Choice”, said that the world has actually frozen in place, waiting for the moment, when Russia will give an alternative to the current version of globalization to the world. He also told, that at the meeting held in Kiev ambassadors and representatives of five countries: India, Iran, Syria, China and Russia, have agreed that today with fairly aggressive imposition of values of the current version of globalization to the world from the West, particularly from the US, the whole world could dive into an endless sequence of local conflicts globally. Ambassadors and their representatives have agreed that everybody is waiting for the declaration of an alternative version of globalization based on different principles of international integration from Russia. They have also agreed that precisely Russia will bring in those ideas, that their countries will follow, the world is waiting for Russian answer to development of the current version of globalization.

Vladimir Devyatov from Saint Petersburg has briefly spoken about the kinds of people that are necessary for the effective Eurasian integration. In the complex and always changing world, propaganda and agitation from old templates is perceived as imposition of required information and violence against personality. Today the informational state of the society is such, that if information is put in an accessible place, then a “head” capable to process and understand it, would find it itself.

Accordingly, to train such workforce the following goals are have to be solved:

  • expansion of possibilities of information access - creation of platforms for discussion, experience exchange and presentation of information with access to it by any interested people, the most powerful information will win;
  • creation of international schools of personnel for Eurasian integration - platforms for support of self-education processes and communication of youth from around the world. Permanently active platforms would be more effective.
  • these permanently active platforms should be places for immersion into a different lifestyle, ie a platform, where the following principles are implemented: landscape-estate urbanization and organisationally-technological approach in economy, sober lifestyle, another communication culture and leisure activities, etc.

Perlyn described project of Informational center of Eurasian integration. This center would unite such international school of a new lifestyle from one side, a toolset of support of projects and initiatives in line with the Eurasian integration on the other side. Dmitry has shown an example of USAID and NET, and suggested that it would be a good idea, if the government of Russian Federation would expand their spectrum of supported projects and initiatives on the territory of EU, including support of projects, organisations and people, that advocate development of the Eurasian integration.

Such permanent year round educational international platform, which would gather youth from other continents as well as from countries of Eurasian Union and Europe, could become the source of workforce for the Eurasian integration, establishing contacts for future and a platform for formation of common views on solutions to world problems. The Youth Organisation “New Youth Policy” in partnership with other organisations, such as “Ukrainian Choice”, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation, Rossotrudnichestvo, etc, is working on preparation and creation of such kind of platform. This idea had been announced on an international roundtable in Brussels in 2011, and was only partially implemented as the so-called “Seliger for Export” initiative.
Discussions of the main topics were held after the presentations. The participants of the roundtable have agreed that Seliger has taken a step towards creation of an educational platform alternative and parallel to the traditional education system. This is due to greater degree of freedom in formation of educational programmes and formats for educational processes. Everybody complained that the forum was too short, 21 days only, which is not enough to deeply immerse and study a topic. Hence creation of permanent platforms is very actual nowadays .

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