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Invitation to the international conference: "The purpose of education in the 21st century?"

Saturday, 22 July 2017 11:11 | Saturday, 22 July 2017 22:22 | Hits: 13913 |


International conference


"The purpose of education in the 21st century?"

On September 1 and 2, 2017, at the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Brussels, where we will meet for the fifth time, a two-day international conference "The purpose of education in the 21st century" will be held. 

To date, a lot of problems have risen in the world culture connected with the inconsistency of the current education systems to the modern information conditions. The world education systems were inherited from the 17th-18th centuries. And are only subjected to cosmetic refinement, while the world has changed dramatically. Many people, realizing this, are developing new approaches to education, to education systems of new generations, but comprehensive understanding of the direction in which education should develop is still very far away.

The conference "The purpose of education in the 21st century" Is one of the steps towards construction of a new education system. We want to present our experience in this field of human knowledge.

The organizer is the International Non-profit Youth Organization "New Youth Policy" with the support of the RCSC in Belgium, the Foundation for Conceptual Technologies, the Information and Analytical Center, the Socio-Political Internet magazine "Garlic".

From year to year, the conferences of the "New Youth Policy" bring together specialists from different branches of human activities: teachers, engineers, scientists, administrators, managers from many countries to discuss and resolve the most difficult problems in the world culture and education. In joint work, we strive to build interdisciplinary communication channels between specialists from different fields.

We invite you to participate in the conference "The purpose of education in 21st century". We are sure: the fuller the problems of education can be uncovered today, the more diverse people can be gathered at this venue, the wider the representation of different countries and branches of human activities can be at it, the stronger will be the synergistic effect of the conference.

The conference will be structured around a general discussion on the following topics:

Day 1 (01/09):

  • Domination of the "Bologna process", as the current situation in the global education.
  • Education in the global world: failures and their causes.
  • A need to change the rules of the global order (and hence - education standards).
  • Managerial illiteracy as a consequence of illiteracy in education.
  • What can be the image of an alternative education system for all?

Day 2 (02/09):

  • A new approach to the organization of the educational process
  • Education standards of the 21st century
  • Eradication of managerial illiteracy
  • Strategic Planning and Regulation
  • Who is an educated person of the XXI century?
  • What can I do now?

The meeting will take place at:Rue du Meridien 21, 1210 Bruxelles Brussels, Belgium 

The language of the conference is Russian. However, if you do not understand Russian language and would like to take part in the conference, we will offer you a translator but please be so kind to let us know in advance.

The deadline for submitting the participation form 31.08.17


→ To fill out the participation form


International Non-Profit Organisation

«New Youth Policy» 

Zürich, Switzerland

Contact in Belgium: +32 487 77 43 77

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