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We on the G-8 and G-20 youth forum with report on the topic of "New stage of globalization"

Wednesday, 24 April 2013 18:59 | Wednesday, 24 April 2013 18:59 | Hits: 5308 |

Today (18.04.2013) the Russian representative of the "New Youth Pocily" organisation has presented at the G-8 and G-20 youth forum on the topic of "New stage of globalization".

The forum took place in Saint-Petersburg in the "Pribaltiyskaya" hotel. The forum gathered many people from different countries, mainly youth.

A plenary meeting, that has opened the forum, was held as a panel session, where several experts consecutively discussed 3-4 topics, after that  all other participants were invited to ask questions.

After the meeting the participants dispersed into thematic roundtables, which also took place in the hotel. The group meetings were punctuated by coffee breaks, that gave opportunity for participants to talk with each other informally.

The roundtables were formatted as presentations by participants and then questions to the presenters from the audience.

The presentation by a representative of our organisation Vladimir Deviatov — "New stage of globalization", has shown features of the last stage of globalization, when only one project of control over it dominated in the global policy.

The specialty of the new stage is the presence of several active projects of control over the globalization.

Also mentioned was that in the end only one proect of its control could become the basis of culture, in which the whole of humanity will unite.

The key factor of victory of one of the projects of control over the globalization over all the others is the informationally-algorithmic superiority. This superiority could be achieved by similarity of algorithms (values, principels, worldviews) with the genetically stipulated potential of human development, lying in the mainstream of Hierarchiecally Highest Enclosing Control over the development of the Universe.

The presentation was performed in English. Its script, together with the presentation is published on our website in the English section. [Link to: New stage of Globalization — our report on G20 youth forum]

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