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New stage of Globalization — our report on G20 youth forum

Wednesday, 05 June 2013 16:50 | Hits: 96336 |

New stage of Globalization

April 18 the Russian representative of the "New Youth Pocily" organisation has presented at the "G-8 and G-20 youth forum" on the topic of "New stage of globalization".


The globalization is an objective process, because of biological unity of humanity, settled in most places on Earth. Its essence is construction of a certain culture, in which in the future the whole of mankind will unite. Currently the globalization has stepped into a new stage.

This presentation touches five points:

  • the globalization in the past

  • the globalization in the present

  • ways to interact with the globalization

  • current projects of control over the globalization

  • future prospects of the globalization

New stage differs from the previous one. The previous stage of globalization had the following features:

  • In the past the globalizationwas going onwithout realization of it by the overwhelming majority of the planet's population.

  • choice of aims of the globalization and the ways of their achievement are very consciously subjective, because of it globalization has not been developing «socially-spontaneously», but was controlled from inside of the society itself

  • biblical project, created by the Egyptian globalization specialists as a conception of control over globalization, dominated uncontested for nearly 3 millennia

  • globalization based on biblical project was not finished when the biblical conception was more or less functional. This was the case within the period of correlation of frequencies of biological and social times. These frequencies would explained later on.

  • thus, the preceding stage of the globalization has finished with a crisis of governance. The reason for it is conceptual: discrepancy of algorithms of the biblical project’s globalization to the development of potential of mankind and the circumstances of mankind’s life. The latter were mostly formed by the people themselves.

The new stage of globalization is characterized by the following features:

  • The globalization has been recognized as an objectively present process by «political elites», «science community» and also by the representatives of various social groups of «commoners» in all countries in the world, because it affects lives of every state and every person.

  • Misunderstanding of the full control function and diversity of ways of implementing it in practice of culturally peculiar societies, common to all crowd-”elitist” cultures.

Additional information:

    • As a consequence of managerial illiteracy, various «think tanks» and social groups in crowd-«elitist» cultures of all world countries perceive the tools of biblical project implementation as the origin of the globalization in its historical state. These tools do not hold any conceptual power, and of course, are not the generator of the globalization process. Some of such tools are:

  • the US as a whole and their social institutes — the State Department, the Federal Reserve, the RAND Corporation, the CIA, Harvard University and some other «think tanks»;

  • The United Kingdom — the royal family and, grouping around it, freemasons and their periphery, and also the intelligence service (Mi5) of the UK;

  • Jews in general, “world rabbinate” and Rothschilds, in particular;

  • Vatican and enclosed on it orders and structures of clans old European aristocracy;

  • Internationals (Soc-Intern — transformation of capitalism into pseudo-socialism by the way of reforms, 4th Socialist International — marxist-revolutionary, Trotskyite — transition to pseudo-socialism by the way of revolution and establishment of a “dictatorship of the proletariat”), which mass media seldom mention.

    • Hostility of the rest of the world towards policies, that are lying in the mainstream of the biblical project of globalization (foreign policy of the US and European countries, and prevalent transnational social institutions in them). This hostility became a factor, under the influence of which a number of states have started to set themselves a twofold task:

  • to defend own historically-cultural heritage, national peculiarity, and potential of distinctive development, from elimination in the course of biblical globalization;

  • to suggest to the rest of the world as common-human values their own “values”, i.e. ideals, typical and precious to their regional civilizations from ancient times.

  • Because of this the new stage of globalization is characterised not only by the crisis of governance of the biblical conception, but also by creation of globalization projects by different cultures.

Additional information:

The next question is when exactly did the current stage of globalization start? — The answer to it ambiguous due to those social parameters, changes in which are chosen by people based on their subjective differentiation of stage borderlines.

The new stage has begun:

  • with the allegorical statement of bolshevism about its status as a global political power in 1907

  • with acquisition by bolshevism of its own conceptual apparatus in 1991 in Conception of Social Safery (CPS)

  • with publication in 2006 of the document “The Frontier Within: Japan's Goals in the 21st Century”, in which outlined are views of Japan’s political officialdom on achievement of the dominant position in control of the globalization in 21st century.

  • with a number of mutually complementing each other publications in the press of the PRC (People’s Republic of China) from the start of 2013 of suggestions of “chinese values” to the rest of the world as common-human; and of return of the foreign policy of PRC to the principle of marxism’s “internationalism”.

I.e. if de-facto the current globalization stage has begun with bolshevism stating its status as a global political power in 1907, then de-jure it has begun with the official PRC statements in January 2013 about the presence of the Chinese globalization project based on the principles of marxism and socialism with chinese specificsand bringing it into action.

Without understanding of the full control function, mentioned above, an adequate understanding of the global historical process and creation of a new globalization projects is impossible.

The full control function (term of the Sufficiently General Control Theory, SGCT) includes:

1) identification of problems,

2) setting aims with respect to problem resolution,

3) generation of a conception of achieving the set aims,

4) implementation of the conception into life,

5) ongoing control in coherence with the accepted conception and

6) improvement of the conception as required,

7) freeing up resources used for controlling the process after the process is completed (i.e. the aims are achieved or total control failure).

Conceptual power, as a specific power in a society, controls initial four stages of the full control function. Other powers in society like judicial, legislative and administrative, control only the fifth, sixth and seventh stages. It’s very important!

Knowing the full control function, the present globalization projects could be analysed in detail.

Main components of the spectrum of globalization conception today. Respectively to historically established circumstances to date, the following globalization projects are present and active:

The biblical project exists in several versions:

    • bourgeois-liberalism: due to the declaration of the principle of religious toleration, oversees all traditional, so called, “Abrahamic” religions (“judaism”, “christianity”, including “orthodoxy”, “islam” — in all their branches, not inclined to revolutionary transformation of the world like the Islamic global Caliphate);

    • marxist pseudo-socialist, revolutionary-terroristic, intrigantish, where the keepers of traditions are the followers of L.D. Bronstein (Trotsky);

    • Convergence theory, presupposing the retention of crowd-”elitism” in forms incorporating personal “freedom” of bourgeois-liberalism and state-planning nature of pseudo-socialistic economy based on marxism;     

    • Islamic global Caliphate, purpose of which could be dual, depending on circumstances and success in its implementation:

  • either to solve the same problems, that the marxist version could not solve in XIX-XX centuries, but under cover of a different ideology and different rituals of social magic;

  • or to create preconditions for the “de-Islamization of the world” — positioning of Quran as a “global evil” and prohibition of unauthorized access of commoners to its text or translations (similar to what was done with “Mein Kampf” after the second world war): in order for people to be deprived of information necessary for self-assessment of the historic past, and to make them treat those and other events based on ready-to-use opinions, elaborated for them by trusted professional “historians”.

Russian — expressed currently in Conception of Public Safety (CPS), presupposing transition of multinational cultures to a Spiritual community of many jointly living people and dictatorship of conscience. Done by the way of development of national cultures in a direction, that would ensure achievement of irreversible humane psychotype for every person by the beginning of their youth;

Chinese — due to its own traditions of crowd-”elitist” nature and commitment of the ruling “elite” to marxism (with a certain “chinese” specific) and atheism of the chinese culture throughout known history, is unable to solve problem that chinese call the “paradox of yellow threat”. However, to succeed, the moral and ethical basis of the new globalization project chinese-way must change such, that People’s Republic of China does not offer chinese crowd-”elitism” to other countries to replace their own historically developed crowd-”elitism”.

Japanese — currently in “embryonic period”. It inherited problems from the past, impeding the project’s success:

  • crowd-”elitism” based on the “bonsai” principles, applied not to decorative plants, but to people and the society,

  • idealistic atheism, uniquely nationalistic in its nature of ancient japanese religion Shinto and buddhism, imported into the country from China and bearing specific buddhist crowd-”elitism”.

Additional information:

A special role in all of the above play trotskyists due to the fact, that trotskyism is not an ideological movement, but a peculiarity of the individual and collective psyche. Trotskyism, as a mental phenomenon, is claims of a parasitic minority for the power over the society on behalf of the working majority.

The basis of such claims is a prejudice: “I am the only and irreplaceably wise, therefore my life’s mission is to politically lead the lowbrows, i.e. give them a purpose in life and rule it on their own behalf”.

Additional information on this topic could be found in the article supporting the presentation [link].

The Law of Time

This slide shows how the law of Time affects conditions in which the globalization takes place.

Above — frequency of human generation changes or biological time frequency.

Below — frequency of technological changes or social time frequency.

It was observed that in the middle of 20th century these frequencies have equalized and have nearly resonated, which means destruction of mankind. Like a crystal glass get destroyed, if the frequency of sound, for example of singing, equates to its own.

For this period the world had experienced two world wars and revolutions in many countries.

Until the change of frequencies of these processes, a person’s lived his whole life in a technologically homogeneous world. But today - one person lives through several technological epochs. This changes the way of thinking, making it more variative and flexible.

We can observe that the number of globalisation versions only increases. Before the change of frequencies of biological and social times, only the single biblical globalization conception had dominated. But now there are many suggested projects of the globalization: russian, japanese, chinese.

Prospects of globalization in a multiplicity of its concepts will be characterized, above all else, by the struggle of conceptions for people — supporters of each of them.

Globalization, in essence, if viewed as a “game”, has only one winner. Although, the winner could change a lot during the “game” — as a consequence of refusal from something initially characteristic to the winner, as well as because of acquisitions of characteristics atypical to him. The latter may include integration of some qualities of defeated enemies — other globalization conceptions.

Like in the famous movie Highlander: «There can be only one».

The key to victory is superiority in viability capacity of the conception-victor over the conception-opponents, i.e. informational-algorithmical superiority. It could be achieved only by elimination of inconsistencies of conceptions with the human’s development potential in the mainstream of Hierarchically Higher Control (called also «God») based on developing one’s own worldview by the way of its broadening, as well as by rejection of past mistakes, including adherence to downright deceptions: technocratic atheism, idealistic atheism, trotskyism and crowd-”elitism”.

Thank you for your attention!

Collective of authors of the international non-profit organisation «New Youth Policy»

adapted by Vladimir and Konstantin Deviatov


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