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Youth parliament at Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation State Duma has supported initiative group in creation of the Eurasian Youth Parliament

Sunday, 07 July 2013 21:47 | Sunday, 07 July 2013 07:34 | Hits: 4644 |

A report and election meeting of the Youth Parliament in the Russian Federation State Duma has taken place from 21 to 22 of June 2013 in Saratov, Russia.

Young parliamentarians have literally swamped Saratov.

Vice-chairman of the State Duma Sergei Vladimirovich Zheleznyak has led the meeting, participants of which were representatives from more than 50 regions Russian Federation.

The initiative group for creation of the Eurasian Youth Parliament was represented Marina Andreevna Grigorieva, assistant of the deputy of the State Duma Sergei Naryshkin, responsible for the Leningrad region. Also Marina Andreevna is the coordinator of youth parliaments of the North-West Federal District in the Unified Youth Parliamentary Movement.

At the meeting a unanimous decision to support the initiative group to create the Eurasian Youth Parliament and be actively involved in its work has been taken. Groups of three countries (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia) will be actively working together on creation of the EAYP and developing a common vision of the work.

Societies are become interdependent in all fields: political, economic, cultural. The extent of these relationships is becoming truly global. Humanity is turning into social cohesion, which unites all people living on Earth.

Globalization is an objective, irreversible process. The path of its development wholly depends on our choice. There are many different trends of globalization based on the idea of Americanization, Japanization and others. Today we have the opportunity to choose our own path of development, which will not be based on borrowing values alien to us, but on our individual features and characteristics. Today, restoration of the moral strength and the strength of unity and patriotism is very important. Vasily Osipovich Klyuchevsky wrote that moral revival had made political revival possible.

Our commentary:

Participants of the "New Youth Policy" from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan are actively involved in the work on creation of the Eurasian Youth Parliament, in particular in formation of the EAYP conception of control.

At the G20 youth forum 2013 a report in English was produced, where representatives of Western and Eastern countries explained the features of the new globalization phase and the underlying options of globalization: the Western, Chinese,Japanese and Russian. That is, actually setting out the vision of the place for the Eurasian Union in the unfolding global project of control over globalization.

Below is the link to an article with one of the reports with a dynamic presentation in English:

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